In Confirmation we confirm the promises made on our behalf in Baptism. It helps us to focus on the missionary dimensions of our baptismal commitment. The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the fall of 11th grade.

If you are interested in signing up to be Confirmed in the fall 2020, please complete the registration form below, attach a check made out to St. Andrew the Apostle Church and return to the parish office to reserve a spot, between the hours of 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM – Monday through Friday. Our Confirmation hours needed to be Confirmed will be done online and through information given to the Confirmands from Frances Harrison.

The Confirmation will be held on Tuesday, October 6th, at 6:30PM. Confirmands and sponsors will need to be in the Church at 5:15PM for practice.   Further confirmation requirements, including fees, are listed on the registration form below. For any additional questions, please contact the parish office at (504) 393–2334, or by email

Confirmation Registration Form 2020

To show particular reverence on this occasion, the Dress Code for the Confirmation Mass is as follows:

The young ladies should wear an appropriate dress, or a skirt and blouse, with dress shoes. The dress or skirt should be of a modest length, and the tops should cover the shoulders. The young men should wear dress slacks, a dress shirt, dress shoes and a tie.  A sports coat may be worn, but not during the Mass. All of the Confirmands will be wearing red robes for Mass over their clothes. All robes will be distributed at a later date.

Prior to the Mass, we will have a professional photographer from The Portrait Gallery available to take formal pictures of your child with and/or without the Archbishop. Pictures will be taken from 6:00 pm until approximately 6:30 pm. They will also be taking pictures during Confirmation. The picture information will be sent out via email.

Click here for the Confirmation Sponsor Form & Confirmation Sponsor and Saint Forms due tba

Confirmation Service Hours 2020

Its not too late to register, contact the Parish Office at 504-393-2334.