Adult Faith Formation

Throughout the year the Office of Religious Education offers varied activities, from scripture studies to guest speakers, in order to nurture the faith of our adult parishioners.  When formation programs or events are fast approaching, there will be notices and announcements in the bulletin and at Sunday masses, respectively.

Our major programs will typically be four to six week courses with one session being held each week.  Because these major programs can only be offered bi-annually, the Office of Religious Education highly encourages the adults in St. Andrew the Apostle Parish to consider joining one of the many parish ministries.  These ministries offer their members the consistent opportunity and support needed to grow closer to Christ through both prayer and action, for, as Proverbs
27:17 reads, “As iron is sharpened by iron; so one person is sharpened by another.”

We welcome your input and ideas for topics or activities that can expand and better our faithful community, therefore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Parish Office at (504) 393-2334.