Extraordinary Ministers

This special ministry is a blessing to all who participate. The ministers assist the priests with the distribution of Communion, under both species, to parishioners at Mass and to the sick and shut-ins in their homes. Those taking Communion to the shut-ins must have a pyx and must carry the pyx in a pouch around the neck and go directly from the church to the shut-in.

Certification through a diocesan workshop is required after registration and approval of the pastor. A deep desire to serve the community is a prerequisite for this ministry, as well as having an understanding of the solemn and holy duty this entails.

Three ministers are needed at Sunday 4:00 pm vigil, Sunday 8:00am, and 5:30 pm Masses and five ministers are needed at Sunday 9:30 am and 11:00 am Masses when the Body of Christ is distributed.

The ministers rotate Sunday Masses, with a schedule being mailed two weeks in advance. If ministers are unable to serve at the Mass to which they been assigned, they are required to get a substitute.

All ministers must be able to ascend and descend the altar steps without difficulty.
If you are a parishioner in good standing, and wish to apply to become a minister of the Eucharist, you may call the Parish office at (504) 393-2334 for more information.

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