New Member Information

If you are interestd in becoming a member of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, you may download the registration form here. The current diocesan policy allows Catholics to register in parishes other than their territorial parish if the pastor of the chosen parish is willing to accept registration. The individual nevertheless retains canonical (legal) membership in the territorial parish.

What does parish registration mean?

It is the expression of intention to participate in the life of the parish community. It should indicate willingness to:

  1. worship regularly with the parish community;
  2. participate in the ministry of the parish to bring Christ to other people;
  3. support the parish program financially;
  4. take an active part in parish activities.

While parents of school age children are expected to take an interest in school related activities, parish registration implies a commitment to the parish community over and beyond the school program. Parents from other territorial parishes need not – indeed, should not – register in a parish simply to participate in the school program.

Download the Parish Registration Form