Pastoral Council

Current Pastoral Council Members: Rev. John F. Talamo, Jr.  Katherine Houin (Principal), Jonathan Rink (President), Juwan Orticke (Vice President), Eddie Dallam (Rep. to Finance Council), Andrew Foundas, Cheryl Orticke,   Tim Brechtel (Finance Council Liaison), Brian Champagne, Quang Vu, Craig-Jason Nicholson-Uhl, Ed Rapier, and Diana Nguyen.


The Pastoral Council serves as a planning and advisory board to the Pastor to aid in serving the needs of the parish. The Council shares in the decision making process by assisting the Pastor in determining and evaluating the parish vision, mission, goals and objectives that improve the quality of life in the community.


Pastoral Council meets on a quarterly basis.  Council members serve for a period of three (3) years.


  •     Help provide leadership for the spiritual, fellowship and ministry programs of the parish and, in doing so, fulfill the mission of the Parish to bring God to the people and the people to God.
  •     Provide and encourage opportunities to members of the parish to present their issues on spiritual and temporal matters.
  •     Raise awareness of how to collect suggestions from parish members.
  •     Actively gather ideas from all members of the parish.
  •     Create more parish wide events to foster the collection of ideas and suggestions.
  •     Plan and make recommendation for the effective management and positive development of the parish including review of the 5 year plan.
  •     Encourage and develop fellowship opportunities to guarantee the continuation of an enhanced Parish Life.
  •     Encourage new leadership among parishioners to guarantee continuation of the Council as an effective means of serving the parish.


The regular membership of the board consists of eight members who represent various ministries and boards. The balance of the Council consists of the following members:

  •     Pastor, Associate, and Deacons
  •     Seven At-Large members with six elected by the parishioners and one appointed by the Pastor
  •     Secretary serving a two year term appointed by the Pastor as a non-voting member.


  •     Contact Darlene Thomas, Pastoral Council President at (504)-393-2334 or email for more information
  •     Or contact Father John Talamo, Pastor through the Parish Office at (504) 393-2334.