Bereavement Committee


The Bereavement Committee is an expression of sympathy from St. Andrew Parish when a parishioner has a death in their immediate family.

We provide food for the family after the funeral service and “house sitting’ during the funeral if it is requested. Sometimes a family will have friends, neighbors, social groups or extended family that take care of this, but we will help all families who are in need of this service.

We are a volunteer group, from coordinator to all food preparation. We have a large group of people who cook so you won’t be called on for every funeral. We have a list of suggestions for easy foods to fix, or purchase, if you are “out of time” or just do not feel like cooking this time but you still want to help. This list and general information will be given to you at the time you volunteer to help.

There is so much consolation for the family in this act of caring!


The purpose of the Committee is to directly express the parish’s sympathy by offering support at the time of death of a family member. This service is extended to all members of the community in the event of the death of an immediate family member.

The Bereavement Committee is comprised of volunteers led by coordinator and functions under the parish’s Community Action Committee.

Routinely, the parish secretary notifies the coordinator by telephone of a death in the parish and provides the deceased’s name, address, phone number, next of kin, and funeral arrangements if known.

The coordinator makes direct contact with the family, preferably in person, as soon as possible. Committee members visit the bereaved family members to over support and inquire as to the desire or need of the committee’s services. They also deliver a letter from the parish offering sympathy and support .Traditionally, baked goods are included in this visit.

The bereavement committee provides house sitting for the family during the funeral services and food for the family following the service.