Finance Council

Current Finance Committee: Rev. John F. Talamo, Jr., Katherine Houin, Tim Brechtel (President), Judy Ridge (Vice President), Tom Beyer, Reggie Thomas,  A.K. Gordon, Charley Martin,  Christina Remetich, Stephen Dickey, and Brandon Orticke.

The Code of Canon Law requires each parish to have a Finance Council that consists of a minimum of three members. This council, governed by the norms of the Code, allows the Christian faithful to be of assistance to the pastor in the administration of parish goods.

The role of the parish Finance Council is consultative. While it is expected that the pastor give due consideration to the advice of the Council, the pastor alone, in concert with the relevant regulations of the Archdiocese, has the ultimate responsibility for all decisions affecting the finances of the parish. The duties of the parish Finance Council are to assist the pastor in (a) the preparation of annual parish budgets, (b) the review of periodic financial reports, (c) consultation on major capital expenditures, (d) advice on fundraising efforts, (e) the review and certification of movable inventories, and (f) providing aid and advice in other areas as requested by the pastor.