Family Life

The Holy Family is our guiding model as we strive to encourage, nourish and strengthen all families in St. Andrew the Apostle Parish. We recognize that our “Parish Family” comes in all shapes, sizes and ages, from newborn families to grandparent families. You can be single, widowed, divorced, married, with or without children, or your children are grown and no longer attend school. If you are a “parishioner” then you are a part of our “Parish Family” and we welcome you to all Family Life events!

Under our sponsorship, we plan and organize many fun and interesting activities such as:
Seasonal Children’s Masses
Meals for New Moms
Camping Trips
Swim Parties
Pot Luck Diners
Fall Festival
Rosary Tree
Marriage Enrichment Events
Semi-annual Masses for Expectant Mothers
Pro-life activities at the Parish level
If you would like to be a part of this most rewarding ministry in any way, please call the rectory and give them your name and phone number and you will be called.