Altar Servers

Altar Servers at St. Andrew the Apostle Church parish are boys and girls from 5th to 12th grades who volunteer to serve and assist the priests during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is a unique and special privilege for these young men and women to be such an important part of the Eucharistic Celebration.

Being an altar server allows our young people an opportunity for commitment and responsibility in service to our parish and to God. As altar servers they will develop a greater understanding of the flow and actions of the Mass. As their own faith begins to grow it is hoped that they will see God’s presence in our Liturgy and begin to appreciate the gift of the Mass and their own service.

We are very honored here at St. Andrew the Apostle Church to have a large group of dedicated altar servers. They serve on a rotational basis at Sunday Mass, weekday or Saturday morning Mass, and at various special Masses throughout the year.

However, because of graduations, and people moving, we are always in need of more altar servers.
Anyone interested in becoming an altar server should contact the Church Rectory for more information: 393-2334.
Parental permission is required.

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