Immaculate Conception Masses (Holy Day of Obligation), Parish Penance Service, Christmas Masses (Holy Day of Obligation)

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Penance Service, Immaculate Conception, and Christmas Mass Schedule (Holy Days of Obligation)

December 7th (Thursday) – Feast of the Immaculate Conception Vigil Mass
4PM Vigil Mass

December 8th (Friday) – Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Holy Day of Obligation)
6:30AM Confession
7AM Workman’s Mass
8:10AM Latin & All School Mass
12PM Workman’s Mass
6:30PM Mass

December 10th (Sunday) – Christmas Caroling
6PM Front Circle/Immaculata Hall

December 12th (Tuesday) – Parish Advent Penance Service
6:30PM   Parish Advent Penance Service – 6 Priests Available

December 24th Sunday Obligation only, does NOT count for the Christmas Holy Day of Obligation
8AM Latin Mass
9:30AM Mass
11AM Mass
No 12:15PM Latin Mass

December 24th – Christmas Eve (Christmas Holy Day of Obligation)
4PM Christmas Vigil Mass
6:30PM Christmas Vigil Mass
11PM Christmas Midnight Mass

December 25th (Monday) – Christmas Day (Holy Day of Obligation)
8AM Christmas Day Latin Mass
9:30AM Christmas Day Mass
11AM Christmas Day Mass
No Evening Mass

December 31st Mass Schedule
8AM Mass
9:30AM Mass
11AM Mass
12:15PM Latin Mass

January 1st is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation Mass Schedule is:
6:30AM Confession
7AM Mass
8AM Latin Mass

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